Fatal Injury Rate by Occupation

This data is from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. The charts below show the ten occupations with the highest fatal injury rates for each cause of fatal injury.

One thought on “Fatal Injury Rate by Occupation

  1. Gary Philip Wiederhold

    My son and I worked several years for Remington Roofing Co. in Minneapolis. The most common incident was hammer blow injuries, tripping over something on the roof, ladder failures, contact with power lines and sunstroke due to dehydration. We had two cases where someone fell but no serious injury. We also did tree trimming and removal. Bias cable contact, breakage and pinning injuries resulting from tree falling on the cable causing trapping to the ground injury to a wood cutter by pinning leg, arm and torso. One case of serious spinal injury from lifting 80 lb. shingle bundle.